The Defence Lawyer Calgary Needs

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The Defence Lawyer Calgary Needs

I began my career in the Crown prosecutor's office, but I quickly saw that I could do more to protect Calgary and its people as a defence lawyer.

Everyone in the criminal justice system is working to ensure the safety and fairness of our city, but the Crown prosecutor's office functions fine with its knowledge of the law and its careful procedures. The average Calgarian accused of a crime fares far less well without a knowledgeable defence lawyer by their side.

The same sentiments that brought me from the Crown prosecutor's office to my own private office as a defence lawyer have taken me from the Beltline to Downtown Calgary. I feel that I am better able to serve my city and its citizens when I am right in the thick of things, ready to strike out and defend my clients' rights wherever they are, whenever they need me.

Now, I don't think I'm some sort of superhero, and I won't be donning a cape or spandex suit any time soon. But I do think I provide a service that our city needs, and one that more Calgary residents need easier access to if our city's criminal justice system is going to be truly just.

As a defence lawyer, my primary goal every minute I'm in my office or in court—and, often, during my long working evenings at home—is ensuring that everyone gets the fair treatment and the respect they deserve. The law says everybody should be presumed innocent until proven guilty, and that they are entitled to an effective defence lawyer whenever they're accused of a crime.

I fulfill that service because it makes our system and our city work better.  So if you ever need me, Calgary, all you have to do is call.