My Stance on Calgary DUI Laws

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My Stance on Calgary DUI Laws

Many people assume that because I'm a defence lawyer here in Calgary, I'm automatically opposed to laws that criminalize my clients' behavior, and that I'm always at odds with Calgary Police and Alberta's legislators. My work on DUI or impaired driving cases has even led some to believe that I'm a proponent of drunk driving, or that I feel people should be given that freedom if they want to take it.

I'll be blunt: I don't want to share the road with drunk drivers any more than anyone else in Calgary. I know the facts and statistics better than most, and I understand the real public safety risk that impaired driving presents. I advise all of my clients—and anyone that calls my office or visits my website—to avoid getting behind the wheel when they're even slightly intoxicated, not just because it's good legal defence advise but because impaired driving is a real danger to all involved.


I also believe that everyone in Calgary, and indeed everyone in Canada, is entitled to a full defence provided by a knowledgeable and experienced lawyer. I believe that some of Alberta's DUI laws and penalties are dangerous slippery slopes that side-step the presumption of innocence by imposing penalties on drivers before they are convicted. And I believe everyone deserves to have their rights protected even when the law comes to take them away.

My goal is to keep everyone in Calgary safe, healthy, and happy, as much as it is in my power as a defence lawyer to do so. This includes attempting to make sure those accused of DUIs don't face penalties before they've had a chance to respond to the charges. That's the reason I fight so hard for my impaired driving defence clients.