DUI Charges and the Ignition Interlock Program in Calgary

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DUI Charges and the Ignition Interlock Program in Calgary

A driver convicted of impaired driving in Calgary may face consequences including license suspension or fines. They may also be required to become part of the Ignition Interlock Program in Calgary. This program was implemented to ensure safe driving for those who may have been convicted of DUI.

How an Ignition Interlock Device Affects Calgary Drivers

Following a criminal conviction for impaired driving, you may be required to install an ignition interlock device—a type of breathalyzer— into your car. Your Calgary Notice of Suspension will state the minimum amount of time you’ll be required to use this mechanism. Once you have successfully completed your term, which can last from 1-3 years depending on the specifics of your Calgary DUI, the breathalyzer will be removed by officials.

Impaired driving in Calgary will be impossible with this device in place. Before you can start your car, you must exhale into the device. If it detects a blood alcohol level over a preset amount (usually .05), your car will not start. To further ensure no DUI offences occur, you will be required to continue giving breath samples at random times during your drive. If at any time an inappropriate blood alcohol level is detected, the device will note the event and then start an alarm until the ignition is turned off or an appropriate breath sample is offered.

The expense of obtaining and installing this breathalyzer in your car is something else to be aware of after your DUI charge. Many people don’t realize that driving impaired not only puts people in danger, but can cost them a significant amount of money. It will cost you $145 just to have the ignition interlock device installed to ensure you aren't driving while intoxicated. Then you will be required to pay $95 a month to rent the breathalyzer, and an additional $50 to have it removed after you’ve completed your penalty period.

A Calgary Defense Lawyer Can Help After Your DUI Charge

There are times when an experienced Calgary defence lawyer can assist those charged with impaired driving in getting exempted from the Ignition Interlock Program. If this is your first DUI offence and your alleged blood alcohol level was not too high, a Calgary defence lawyer can help you submit an explanation of why you should be considered for exemption from this program. You and your defence lawyer will discuss this option and other strategies for ensuring your safe driving in the future.

You may also be exempted if you have any outstanding circumstances that would make this program unfeasible for you to participate in. A Calgary defence lawyer can help you identify anything that would make you unfit for using the ignition interlock device.

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