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Choose Wisely

I have websites on the Internet.  I rely on them to earn a living.  Though I consider my websites to be necessary for business, they are secondary to the practice of law.  This article is to give you some tools to choose your Calgary defence lawyer wisely.

Like a great many people, I spend too much time on the Internet.  Indeed, so much time is dedicated to words or images on a screen, oftentimes to the detriment of real experiences.  The Internet is a convenient playground for quickly accessing information -- and sometimes misinformation. Having said this, I do my level best to use the Internet intelligently.

The Internet is indeed a world in itself, where life is breathed into topics hitting the first page for specific web searches. Whether you are searching for a vehicle, a hotel, an opinion or legal services, you can find what you are looking for on the Net. 

Like any business, lawyers (like me) advertise or have websites. Securing clients means attracting them and attracting them often means that potential clients need to know -- at the very least -- that we exist.

For the purpose of having digital life on the Web, existing on the first page of a specific Internet search is critical. Business owners understand that the likelihood of any potential customer doing research beyond the first couple of websites at the top of the page is low and even lower once the website is relegated to pages beyond the first. If a business is not on the first page, it’s not -- from an Internet advertising perspective -- healthy; and if it’s not on the second, for the purpose of Internet advertising it may as well be dead.  All of the other pages past two are essentially extraneous, or as I like to call them, website Obituaries. 

 The point of this post is to remind you that just because a business is on the first page doesn’t necessarily mean it is the best.  Similarly, just because a business is in the Obits, doesn’t mean that it is in reality an ineffective product. Rather, it only means that the business lacks effective web content or analytics to rank higher. 

I understand that by telling you this, you may look at my website more sceptically.  That is, however, the point.

It is important to remember that web search engines (such as Google or Bing) rank paid advertising higher and as a result of the money spent by the business, will credit that business with a higher page ranking.  Money spent on advertising doesn’t necessarily translate into skills as a lawyer.

Common sense tells us that even “customer reviews” can be misleading.  One is left to wonder whether the review is real or if the web advertiser is posting both the good and the bad. Of course, some businesses are exceptionally prolific at securing customer reviews, even to the point of offering incentives.  Some business hire Internet advertising companies to do work for them. Though more customer reviews may be better, it doesn’t mean that businesses without reviews have dissatisfied customers; rather it may only mean that those businesses are not as effective at creating the environment for obtaining and posting them. By way of example, I have purchased vehicles at many dealerships; however, the only review I created occurred when the dealership offered me an IPad at the point of sale. I have certainly had dozens of positive relationships with other dealerships who never got a review. Also I have posted negative reviews about businesses, only to see them removed a short time later.  My point is, don’t be fooled. 

Of course, all businesses need to advertise. Money spent may be money earned.  However, my advice to anybody searching for a criminal defence lawyer is not to be fooled by the Ad or its advertised placement on a Google Search.  It’s one thing if you buy a widget advertised to be the best that doesn’t work; it’s another if you hire a lawyer who has Internet business savvy but lacks the real experience or legal acumen to properly defend your case.  You can forget about a widget left in the recycling bin; a criminal record is for life. 

My advice to all persons searching for a lawyer is to do your due diligence.  Just because the website advertises or is on the first page of a Google search (such as this one), doesn’t mean the lawyer is right for you or your case.   Remember, criminal defence lawyers run a business for the purpose of making money.  Though there is absolutely nothing wrong with this, it remains up to you to choose wisely.  Choosing wisely means speaking with the lawyer and perhaps even getting a second or third opinion. 

 Most Calgary defence lawyers offer a free consultation. You can do this conveniently from the comfort of your own home by a simple telephone call.

David Chow specifically advertises in Calgary, Cochrane, Lethbridge and Brooks. With respect to advertising, please feel free to visit my new Brooks criminal lawyer site for clients in Brooks, Alberta:  

 I wish you all the best in your search.