Calgary Police Do Real Work for Crime Victims

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Calgary Police Do Real Work for Crime Victims

For any of my regular readers, it might seem like I'm always railing against the Calgary Police Service. Truth be told, I'm not a huge fan of many of their tactics, and I think their priorities don't always serve the people of Calgary in the best way possible.

I'm big enough to admit when they're doing something right, though, and helping children who have been victimized by crime is pretty high up there on the list of moral successes.

So, thanks to this year's 15th annual Share Your Bear event, I'm giving the Calgary Police Service a bit of a break and some well-deserved praise for engaging in a community outreach effort that actually helps the victims of crime, rather than simply posturing and making victims out of alleged petty criminals.

Practicing defence law is all about protecting those of our society who are the most vulnerableā€”that's a principle I stand by, and that I believe the Share Your Bear campaign promotes as well.

Children are the epitome of vulnerability and of innocence; no matter what alleged crimes they have been victimized by, and no matter whether or not the circumstances that affected these children were actually criminal acts, they don't deserve to suffer for things that are beyond their control. I'll be donating to this program, not despite the fact that it's something that the Calgary Police are running, but because it's a program that truly helps bring balance to Calgary's criminal justice system.

If you would like to donate, bring as many new or gently used stuffed toys to any Calgary MaxWell Realty office, and know that you're helping brighten a life that unquestionably deserves it.