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Hiring a lawyer to defend a criminal charge is expensive. You may not have the funds available to retain a qualified criminal lawyer to defend your case. Even if you are charged with a Legal Aid eligible offence and are fortunate enough to find a quality Calgary criminal lawyer who is prepared to accept your case on a Legal Aid Certificate, the financial eligibility requirements for approval are so restrictive that many Albertans are left alone to deal with their legal predicament. For instance, a single family with an annual income of $19,654 or more (that is $1,639/month) fails to meet Legal Aid Financial Eligibility Guidelines.

Sadly, if you are financially impecunious, or just have a lot of financial obligations, you may have to face your charge(s) alone. When this happens, you may be at the mercy of the State.

If you can’t afford to retain a Criminal Lawyer to defend your case, you might consider retaining a lawyer for some basic Criminal Law Coaching and Consultation services. Legal coaching may save you thousands of dollars and could arm you with enough information and legal acumen so that the State does not run roughshod over your rights.

Calgary defence lawyer, David Chow, can be retained for the purpose of criminal law coaching for summary conviction offences. The breadth of legal coaching and the retainer to assist a Self Advocate is evaluated against the nature of the charge(s), the police investigation and the live issues identified as part of the case.


Full spectrum legal coaching and consultation services includes:

Basic review of Criminal Law procedure
Basic review of Administrative and Courtroom Procedures
Evaluation of disclosure
Legal Opinion
Charter Notice
Provision of Jurisprudence.
Strategic Case Analysis

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Experienced criminal defence

It is important to understand, competent criminal lawyers have honed their skills through years of practice, where they have likely prepared for hundreds or even thousands of trials. Experienced criminal defence lawyers are not only versed in the law and procedure, but have instincts that can be the difference between winning and losing. Criminal Law Coaching and Consultation can never replace full representation by a qualified criminal defence lawyer. David Chow does not guarantee Criminal Law Coaching and Consultation will result in a successful defence, desired outcome or that the journey through the criminal justice system will be a pleasant one. All Criminal Law Coaching and Consultation is designed to achieve is to provide a Self Advocate with some tools so that he or she has a basic understanding of the system, so that the State is not fully advantaged throughout the entire process.

Criminal Law Procedure

This service focuses on assisting a Self Advocate in understanding basic court rules and procedures, including the filing of documents (such as Charter Notice), question and answer protocols, basic courtroom decorum and rules with respect to the proper questioning of witnesss.

Administrative and Courtroom Procedure

Though there is some overlap with Criminal Law Procedure, Administrative and Courtroom Procedure is more concerned with issues revolving around navigating the intricacies of the administration of justice and understanding the path along which your case will travel from beginning to end. Consultation will involve the filing documents (such as Charter Notice), requesting disclosure, scheduling trial dates and engaging the Crown Prosecutor’s Office.

Evaluating Disclosure

This component of Legal Coaching and Consultation entails reviewing disclosure and identifying important materials (both present and missing) for the Self Advocate.

Legal Opinion

This aspect is intimately linked to the evaluation of disclosure and is absolutely necessary for any Legal Coaching and Consultation to occur. The legal opinion is a written document providing a basic overview of the relevant anticipated evidence, the applicable law and a discussion about how the law applies to the expected facts. A full spectrum legal opinion will provide the Self Advocate some understanding about the Criminal Code provisions and the jurisprudence germane to the charge.

Charter Notice

This option involves the writing of a basic Charter Notice that can be filed to advance an argument that the Self Advocate’s Charter protected interests have been violated.


The Self Advocate will be supplied with a basic array of relevant jurisprudence, with important passages highlighted, necessary to advance his or her case. This menu option will almost always connect with the option for a Charter Notice.

Strategic Case Analysis

Defending a criminal case is not always about the law; oftentimes, it is more important to understand strategy. For example, pressing your case might involve first attempting to obtain a joint resolution with the Prosecutor prior to scheduling a trial. Though Charter issues might be live, there may be reasons not to pursue the exclusion of evidence. At trial, it may be prudent to make admissions, call evidence or even to remain silent.

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