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May 5, 2015

I've never been one to do things by halves.

I studied—and later taught—both philosophy and law at the University of Calgary, earning advanced degrees in both. I worked hard for the Crown Prosecutor's office but moved to criminal defence when I saw it was a better way to uphold the values of the Canadian criminal justice system that I believe in. I quickly became a partner in the first defence firm I joined, then became the senior lawyer and oversaw the firm's growing ranks and growing protection of Calgary's accused.

This year, I moved my office from the quiet Beltline to the thick of the action in Calgary's downtown, helping to build an even better practice with new partners and the same dedication to our clientele. We aim to make defence law and legal information more accessible, more personal, and more effective for everyone in accused of a crime in the Greater Calgary Area, no ifs, ands, or buts.

My goal is to give every client the absolute best defence possible—they deserve nothing less, according to principle and according to Canadian law. I approach my work on every case with the same determination as I've approached my entire education and career, and I want to make sure everyone in the Calgary area has their rights protected when they've been accused of a crime. Innocent until proven guilty isn't just a phrase used on police dramas, it's a sacrosanct part of the criminal justice system, and it's my duty to see that it's applied in each and every case.

This site is part of my commitment to Calgary. I'll be providing the information citizens need to make informed, empowered decisions when it comes to their defence against criminal charges, providing answers to common questions I've been asked over the years as well as information clients don't even know to ask about.

Whether you've been charged with impaired driving, drug trafficking, an assault charge, or a simple firearm violation, you deserve to know what you're facing and how to protect your rights. You're entitled to the expert counsel of a criminal defence lawyer, and I'm here to provide that.

While I'm only able to publish general information on this site that may or may not be pertinent to your individual case, when we speak over the phone or in person I will be able to provide greater detail and defence options that are specific to your situation. I look forward to representing you with the same integrity, passion, and knowledge that I display in all of my endeavors, and I look forward to helping you put your charges behind you as quickly as possible.

This site may be new, but it's powered by a decade of work defending Calgary's citizens against criminal charges.

Please contact my office any time if you have questions regarding the information you read here or about charges that you or a loved one are facing. You will always get our full attention and the best information we can provide.

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