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David is a Calgary defence lawyer with a reputation for success

Not Guilty

David Chow is a veteran criminal defence lawyer.  He has appeared at all trial courts, including the Provincial Court and Court of Queen's Bench of Alberta.

Though he may not appear the part, David’s lineage is both Chinese and German.  He was born in Calgary, Alberta, spent much of his childhood growing up at Chestermere Lake and was educated in Calgary.  His university education includes both undergraduate and graduate work in the Department of Philosophy, where he studied theories of Memetics, the interplay between biology and culture and cultural evolution.  David’s true love is teaching.  His biggest regret is not completing his post-graduate studies in Philosophy.  

When he is not immersed in the practice of law, David enjoys reading philosophy, comic books, writing, running, time with friends, music, vintage port, relaxing with his dog, exotic dining and travel. David looks forward to completing his Viking northern European adventure, which will begin and end in Amsterdam.  David is inspired by the music of the Finnish symphonic rockers, Nightwish.  He is fascinated with Norse Mythology and is addicted to Sunday evening episodes of Game of Thrones.